Cats on a Plane!

YarnieRingo and Yarnie

A funny little post I wrote back in June about our trip over.

We successfully moved to Norway. On the 2nd of June we rented a minivan in Lexington, KY and started to drive to Newark, NJ for our flight to Oslo on the 3rd of June. We had 4 suitcases, a jumbo-sized dog crate and our 75 lb. Weimaraner, a cat Sherpa bag, a 15 lb. cat, 2 kids, my husband and myself. The cat was completely freaked out and started trying to chew and claw his way out of his bag. We let him run around the car and he meowed and panted most of the time. We were all covered in hair, I’m sure we were eating hair. We had to stop at Petsmart on the way to Newark to buy a new cat Sherpa bag since a large hole was developing in the bag thanks to the incessant clawing and chewing. Checked in at the airport and had the dog in his crate. We gave him a sedative we got from the vet. As we walked toward security we could hear him barking. Can we just get there already? My husband gave the cat his sedative and he was out like a light. He looked so weird and was so calm. At the gate we changed him to the new bag while he was out and realized with the sedated cat, we were in the clear and all would be smooth in the cabin. Hopefully the dog was okay underneath. Boy was I wrong! 3-4 hours into the flight, I was dozing in and out of sleep. I open my eyes slightly as I hear the brisk footsteps of a flight attendant coming from first class, and in my drowsiness I realize he is holding a cat. I think to myself, hmmm… weird he has a cat… and then momentarily, oh fuck, he has OUR CAT! I shake my husband to wake and garble out something like, ‘flight attendant walk by, cat, he has our cat!’ Husband feels the bag… holy fucking shit; he’s not in the bag! We argue for a couple of seconds about who will go back there to the flight attendant, but I make my husband do it because the cat is technically listed under his name. Hehehe. One flight attendant found it funny that our cat was wandering around first class, while another scolded my husband in Norwegian to keep an eye on his cat! The last few hours of the flight consist of my husband and me taking turns with a hand in the cat bag, petting and trying to calm the cat. It’s nice in this situation that our kids are so self sufficient and require little help. When he starts to try clawing and chewing the new cat bag, my husband takes him to the bathroom and clips his claws. This seemed to calm him down quite a bit. He liked being in the bathroom, and he drank from the sink. My husband seriously contemplated spending the rest of the flight in the bathroom with the cat, but he did end up coming back. The cat finally calmed down after that. The dog did remarkably well in comparison, and to think, it was the dog that I spent most of my time worrying about pre-flight.

Two weeks and some change later, the cat literally owns my in-laws house. It’s like he never went temporarily insane, or flew across the Atlantic. He’s steadily gaining weight (which he doesn’t really need), seeing invisible stuff on the walls that he attacks with vigor, and is basically living like the King that he is.


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